25 Years, 25 Reasons

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I’ve been married to Gale for 25 years, and in some ways, it feels like just the blink of an eye. There’s an old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”, and I think that applies here. The last 25 years have been a blast!

Sure, there have been tough times, but thanks in large part to Gale (and to a wonderful daughter that she blessed me with) the tough times have been mercifully short.

It’s tough to know where to start thanking Gale for all she has done and the person that she is – I am insanely lucky to have her as my partner in life. So in a feeble attempt to express how much she means to me, how much I love her, and what a wonderful person she is, I’d like to tell you about the top 25 reasons I love her so much.

Keep in mind, these are only the top 25! There are many more reasons, but at least this is a start. Hopefully I’ll have another 25 years to tell Gale all the other┬ámany special reasons why I love her so much.


#25. Green-thumbed

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When I was first married, I have to admit the only thing green I appreciated was money! Over the years, Gale’s green thumb has changed that for me, and I am ever so grateful.

If you have not seen Gale’s Garden, you should. She works tirelessly at her gardening hobby, and as a result, we enjoy a spectacular garden. Is it for show? Well, we don’t have many visitors, so it can’t be that. Is it competitive? Well, no, Gale doesn’t enter the garden in competitions and the neighbours don’t maintain theirs. So why all the effort then?

Well, as you read on in my list of 25 reasons why I love Gale, I think you’ll begin to understand why Gale naturally cultivates a beautiful and peaceful garden. For one thing, she’s a beautiful and peaceful person. Another reason is that Gale has a truly beautiful soul – and this may sound corny, but I really think the plants and surroundings pick up on that, and flourish as a result.

Thank you Gale, for your beautiful soul, and your beautiful garden!


#24. Generous

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One of Gale’s most outstanding traits is her generosity. You hear the phrase often “Will give the shirt off their back”… but with Gale, it’s the truth.

Through Gale I have learned that true generosity is about more than making the occasional monetary contribution to charity. True generosity is making yourself emotionally available to others – the selfless act of putting your own needs and wants aside to be able to truly experience and empathize with the needs and wants of others.

Whether it’s Gale playing surrogate mother for Japanese exchange students, doing volunteer work, or simply listening to a husband after he’s had a hard day – she demonstrates true emotional generosity.

I am so very lucky to be married to such a generous woman, I hope I can repay your generosity during the next 25 years.


#23. Party Girl

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Hey, want to party? Well, you’re not going to find anyone much more enthusiastic than Gale!

I’ve lost count of how many times, with the help of Gale, that the “Casbah has been rocked”, and good times were had by all. The main bullet point of my presentation here is that Gale is no stick-in-the-mud, and I’m am so very grateful that I’ve got a partner who isn’t afraid to get down-and-silly and have a good old-fashioned good time. She genuinely wants to see everyone enjoying themselves, oh, and BTW, she’ll be the most gracious of hosts (while she’s drinking you under the table!)

Want to party for 25 more years? Gale’s in!

#22. Sensitive

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So here’s a confession for you, I cry at movies (a LOT of movies!) – but thankfully, I have a very sensitive wife who understands. She too needs plenty of Kleenexes during sad movies, but it doesn’t stop there. The above photo was taken on coast of the Pacific Ocean, near Tofino. It was raining, and we had the whole beach to ourselves, and it was quite stormy. All in all, it was a magnificent and powerful experience. I caught Gale crying, and asked her why, and she said; “It’s just so beautiful”.

Don’t get me wrong, Gale is NOT in any way weepy. Quite the opposite, she has a iron constitution and can stand strong in the face of any emotional situation. But at her core Gale is pure, unsullied and never sour. When appropriate, she easily connects with the beauty and emotions around her.

I am most honoured to be married to such a sensitive person – I have learned much about the true nature of loving sensitivity from Gale, and hope I get to keep learning from her for another 25 years.


#21. Campy

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This photo pretty much speaks for itself! But I will say that I appreciate Gale’s sometimes preternatural (Google it) sense of humour has left me speechless at times. But the reason I am speechless is because I am rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off!

I wholeheartedly embrace Gale’s otherworldly episodes of self-deprecation – she loves to make people laugh, and I just happen to be lucky enough to be married to her, so I’m the lucky dude who gets to cash in on a lot of that laughter.

Gale, I love your extraordinary campy humour, please don’t ever change. Besides, what else are we going to do with an old toilet seat?


#20. Gorgeous

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The above is one of my favourite photos of Gale. At the time, she was pregnant with Joleen.

Gale has always been and will always be a beautiful woman, but there’s something about being with child that makes a woman glow, and Gale was no exception. Every time I look at this photo, I am flabbergasted at her beauty. I think it is most fitting she is wearing an old sweatshirt, has on little makeup, and simply tousled hair. Frankly, should could be wearing a potato sack, and it wouldn’t matter a damn bit. She glows with the radiance of Venus in the night sky, and leaves me awestruck.

Now here’s the mystery – what could such a beautiful woman see in a bald geek with a big nose? A mystery of life that I hope that I’ll be content to having no answer to, especially if I can wake up to Gale’s gorgeous countenance every day.