#19. Tender

Gale is well-known for her ability to be able to fall asleep anywhere, and in any position! But what is really neat is that other people and animals seem to do the same thing when in contact with her.

Why is this so? Well, Gale is a very tender person. There is a motherly, humane, gentleness about her at all times – it’s no wonder that babies, pets, and people conk out with her and on her – it’s simply because she makes them feel comfortable and safe.

This extends to meeting new people as well – I have always been astounded at how Gale makes others feel at ease. And I now understand that’s because she doesn’t have a mean or judgmental bone in her body.

So if you need the best nap of your life, I suggest you find a sofa with Gale on it! Gale, don’t ever change – I love being married to such a tender woman.


~ by Josef Martha on August 22, 2011.

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