#25. Green-thumbed

When I was first married, I have to admit the only thing green I appreciated was money! Over the years, Gale’s green thumb has changed that for me, and I am ever so grateful.

If you have not seen Gale’s Garden, you should. She works tirelessly at her gardening hobby, and as a result, we enjoy a spectacular garden. Is it for show? Well, we don’t have many visitors, so it can’t be that. Is it competitive? Well, no, Gale doesn’t enter the garden in competitions and the neighbours don’t maintain theirs. So why all the effort then?

Well, as you read on in my list of 25 reasons why I love Gale, I think you’ll begin to understand why Gale naturally cultivates a beautiful and peaceful garden. For one thing, she’s a beautiful and peaceful person. Another reason is that Gale has a truly beautiful soul – and this may sound corny, but I really think the plants and surroundings pick up on that, and flourish as a result.

Thank you Gale, for your beautiful soul, and your beautiful garden!



~ by Josef Martha on August 22, 2011.

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